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    REMOTE ACCULTURATION: How recruiters can play a part in a new-hire’s longevity!

    Date: March 3, 2021, 12:00pm – 1:00pm
    Staffing Management Association of NJ
    Free for all attendees
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    Against the backdrop of COVID-19, thousands of workers have been starting new jobs from home—without having physically met anyone during the recruiting and hiring process. This has had a tremendous impact on employee assimilation and organizational effectiveness. So, two questions:

     While HR bears much of the burden of talent onboarding and retention, can recruiters play an integral part? And why should they?  

     28% of new hires leave a job in the first six months. Sharing in the responsibility of ‘remote acculturation’ just might be what our 2021 workplace needs to improve new-hire staying power—and enhance a recruiter’s value in the market. 

    Perhaps it comes down to conversations—before, during and after the sign-on. Let’s talk it out! 

    Join us for a live discussion with Corporate and Agency Recruiters and HR Professionals as they share insights around: 

    • Uncovering company realities and corporate culture to educate candidates/new hires 

    • Helping candidates establish human connections before the sign-on 

    • Assisting new hires during the remote walk-on period

    • Helping new hires develop an inclusive experience from day 1

    • Recommending onboarding improvements—without offending clients or management

    • Setting new hires up for ‘virtual’ success and supporting their first 90-days

    From intelligence gathering to liaising, recruiters are in the unique position to take a partnership approach to remote acculturation—and generate a win-win-win result.

    *This event is approved for 1 SHRM re-certification credit*

    Register today: Remote Acculturation Webinar and bring your questions and ideas, so we can work smarter together!